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Improvements ModCP


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I would suggest improvements for modcp:

- more stats (inspired to stats admincp, attachments/uploads, downloads last 24h, user activity, old members)

- more tools

--- recents users warnings (a better way to check other moderators actions)

--- todo lists / tasks

--- contact us for moderators / help desk ability to escalation to admincp

--- mod logs viewable (if have permission to view, notification if there are new/unread logs), and some error (like permission denied ban ip filters)

--- suggested actions (like item suspicios "take over" bad word filter  / links blocked / ip address blocks interventions... item without tags... for security purpose), tips, votes for raccomanded replies if a moderator action is required.

--- moderator messages on items

--- recents content edited

- modcp for clubs (I don't have check it)

- redesign (clean, usability, agile, mobile)

Why? I would incourage it, my mods not use it like a routine (moderators are abandoned on it self, admininistrators have a lot of option instead).

Default I create forums / topics for moderators but I thinks is better to keep discussions into modcp (useful for instant message with other moderators) for not show it on forums listing.

modcp could be the perfect way to handle issue (the option "Can see others user contents" is not available for guests), improve convertion guests to members.

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