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Google Adsense

Jason Back

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Google adsense is the best form of advertising on the forum that gives something back in the form of a payment per click.

I believe there are other forms of advertising that your forum may accommodate but adsense is by far superior. Be warned though. Don't even think of clicking it or getting your community to click it because they employ very sophisticated sensors that detect fake hits. If they wipe you off, you are gone. No second chance. They are not at all forgiving and why would they? Their clientele pay a lot of money to host their products, so they have a responsibility to them.

Ads placed in the bottom of the page are  not intrusive. So we place one on there for all members and one in the side column for guests.

Payments are paid when you hit the $100 threshold or you can configure it to pay you when that figure is higher. They pay every month if you are fortunate to hit over that figure.

Hope this helps

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