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E-mail notifications and digests


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I have a support ticket in about this, but thought I would seek help from the community as well.

I need help understanding how e-mail notification settings work.

The complaint from my members is that even though they have gone to the notifications page and changed "Method to use for content I follow automatically" to "Do not send me notifications" and unchecked e-mail from all settings in the notifications page, they are still getting e-mail digests.

I checked the "Manage followed content" page for some of the users who can't seem to resolve this and noticed pages and pages of followed content, with the notifications set to a variety of daily/weekly/monthly. It appears maybe this is a holdover from content that was followed automatically and had a notification setting applied to it, such that "Method to use for content I follow automatically" actually only applies on a forward looking basis and doesn't change any previously followed content. It's easy enough to change all rows on a page of followed content to ""Do not send me notifications" but the problem arises when there are 50+ pages of followed content and no way to select all (only all on a page). 

Has anyone encountered this issue and figured out a way to stop email digests for these members? People complaining about getting too much e-mail from my site is a big concern, especially with our anti-spam laws, so if they think they have unsubscribed and it's not working, I need to get this resolved ASAP.

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This may help to reset notification settings....


Alongside each forum on the right there is a label showing how many are following the forum. Click on the number and remove all followers. This will remove all current settings for following content and the new settings for following content will apply.

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I've asked support to ask the devs to consider adding a new setting that would be a one-click unsubscribe from all digests/follows. As it stands, the only way to do it is to click through each page, select all rows, change to do not send notifications, and then move on to the next page of followed content. It can be a time consuming process if the "automatically follow..." settings were previously enabled.

@Charles or @Lindy can one of you move this to the suggestions forum?

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