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IP.Gallery :: Extract image details from exif data


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Currently when you upload an image to IP.Gallery, the only field that is pre-populated is the image title, and this is done using the images filename.

However, filenames are almost always generic, undescriptive, and not human friendly.

Photography edited with popular tools such as Lightroom will often already have this information populated in the image's exif data fields. Most all major image sharing services such as 500px, stock photo sites, and even Facebook will extract this information automatically on upload.

Adding support for this would be a simple but extremely useful improvement to IP.Gallery.

The caption field can be extracted from the images title exif property.

Tags can be extracted from the tags property (obviously).

The description can be extracted from the subject property.

For those who share their photography across multiple image sharing services, being able to auto-populate these fields on upload can be a huge time saver.

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