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New Topics Widget Shows Replies


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Am I just overlooking a setting somewhere? Back in 3.x I could designate certain topics to show on my homepage portal. I usually had this set to show the last 5 topics from a "Site News" forum category. Since only I (or other staff) could create topics in that section, we controlled the formatting of what displayed on the homepage. Now with 4.x, you can still do "Topics" but they are in condensed view. This means no matter if they are on the sidebar, or the main body column.....they only show the name of the topic, date, etc. Ok, so then I try to do "the Posts Widget, and that works better, but it shows all the replies to said posts as well.

So, how do I restore this functionality?

Either the Topics widget needs to realize that it is in a huge open field and display the body of the first post in said topic


The Posts widget needs to have a setting to ONLY show the FIRST post in each topic.

Also, I checked the Market Place, and it is pretty bare for filling this request. I tried a few items and either they don't recreate the way these blocks worked in 3.x, or they just don't work period.

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14 minutes ago, nodle said:

See if this one will work for what you want, it has quite a few options. Plus it's free.



It looked hopeful, but does not work.....the widget shows up on the wizard but not after saving the page. :(

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