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Database to generate number?


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So far, so good. So what are “database titles”? Are you talking about the title field used for individual records? What are you creating where you need these kind of IDs?

If so, you can set the title field to be a “unique field” to avoid identical IDs, but you cannot auto-generate them. The title field will always be field the user has to fill. 

But each record has an automatic internal ID. Maybe you can use that and show it (through template edits). 

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So what we want to create is a database of members that have been banned from our server, with evidence attached to show why. But instead of having to title it each time we just want the title field to be ID: XXX that is generated automatically, if that makes sense?

Sorry for the short messages but I am not as experienced as my profile may seem :p

We are making the database through Pages, and having it displayed that way too.

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