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Sometimes you feel that a thank you is just not enough


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Hello IPS community,

I rarely visit this site, or in general had any communication with the IPS team between 2014 (when I bought the IPB 3.4.6) and today. I renewed my license once during this period , but in general since my forum was working and performing well (according to my criteria), I did not really care.

Some of you may have noticed the post that I opened today in another section of this forum (please see below). I immediately sent another email to the technical team asking for help. Rhett from the support team spend a good 1.5h trying to help me by identifying the cause of the error and possibly fixing it. The only thing he asked was to renew my license (should have been renewed June 2016 if I am not mistaken). Bear in mind that the 3.4.x stopped being supported 1st April 2017.

We did not manage to solve the issue, as it has been an error cause from my hosting provider and he could nothning for it. But he tried without asking for any additional fees and it personally felt like during that time he really cared to solve this. For a customer this experience is invaluable. 

Next steps agreed are that the team will help me upgrade the board at the new version, when the error has been solved and take it from there. From my side I promise guys that for as long as my forum is up and running, it will be running using your platform and my license will never be expired again.

Huge thanks,



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That's a fabulous story to hear! I am a huge fan of IPS, the developers and staff here! They are really awesome and to hear about this just helps in confirming that.

I think I inflate their ego (like VBs code) too much sometimes but then people like @Lindy and @Charles (and I'm not going to list the whole team sorry, I love you all and you know it) just make my day and I don't feel like I say I love them enough.

So Huzzah IPS! <3333

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