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Idea: Moderator tools1) feature post 2) extra reputat


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My idea is, it would be great if assigned moderators, could , within each post,  click on a button, to feature posts, 

that could automatically appear in a widget (sidebar widget) .

 I know there is a widget somewhere ,to add manually some threads to be featured, (i think)

 but  what i mean is a simple click on a button in a post. 

also,   it would be nice 

for the admin/mod  to be able to give extra reputation    ( +10) at once,  for extraordinary posts   (also with a click on the post, )

both of these buttons visible only to specific mod /admin group ofcourse

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I have 2-3 more ideas that i definately need, 

and would also perhaps request a modification, but since i beleive anyone could use these too, i am posting it here as a suggestion under product feedback. 

Inside the Approval Queue,  

i think it would be much more functional if you can see the forum title  ,  and the topic title   of the post. 

This will help the mod to see , if the members needs a warning for posting in the wrong section straight away, with no delay. 

The topic title will help the mod see if the member has posted a new topic with a title  of  a topic that already exists 100 times, and should be given a warning to search before posting.    also a warning i beleive thats really really frequent. 


WITHOUT the topic title and the forum title, the mod looses time when opening each post,

while he could straight up give the warning, and move post (or move it  later on) 

I think its a piece of information necessary and missing. 

Also, for obvious reasons, 

Number of Posts to Approve 

mods  I think should see the number of the approval queue up on top,

like in this image 


WITHOUT it,  a mod might forget to check the queue if there is too much work.

 also ze will again save time just looking at the number instead of clicking 3 x times  when not having a bookmark  at place 

 @Apfelstrudel what do you think? (and of the above in the first post , ideas...?) want  opinions on it from experienced members. 

ofcourse, another idea would be the ability to watch the queue in a list view also,

(ability to see if mods already warned posts in that quue with one look of the list view)  for licences with approval only forums and tons of post per day.  but this is a whole new different level and needs plugin . 

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