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Using the IPS-Logo in Plugins and Translations


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this subject has been occupying me for a while, but i got no final answers yet, so i will make this topic public.

In 2015 (around the final release of 4.0) i uploaded my translationpack for IPS 4... This contained the IPS-Logo (The "V") and a german flag in the picture in the marketplace... I received a message from IPS, (from @Rhett ) requesting to remove the logo because of copyright, etc.Off course, i respected this and removed the logo.  I replied and he told me, every "unofficial" / 3rd Party was requested to remove the logo... Ok, i was fine with this....

Today, 2 years later, 90% of the stuff still uses the logo and... Hm, nothing happend... I am fine removing it, because this are the rules - but it's not fair seeing others doing what they want and not following the rules... (So, why should i ?! I offer my work for free and it takes a lot of time translating stuff....)

Please tell me, whats the status of this ...  :) 

Thank you.

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Legally nobody should be using our logo, so I'm sorry if there is any confusion, It's one of those items, as we see it, we address it.  It bas been a little busy however and we often don't see everything at all times. 

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