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A Way to Replace All Pasted Images at once in 1500 topics ?


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I have a section in my community where we review items.
I have the review pictures attached in a post:  5 stars, 4 stars, 3 stars etc.  
Those review pictures are attached in a post inside a topic with the rules etc.  For example this: @test.png.32186348313d5831d365ef0767e9348f.png
We copy and paste those pictures to insert into the posts. The source is always the same, pasted in different topics.


The problem is that I would like to replace ALL the pictures pasted in the review forums with a new one. I'd like to find a way to do it at once. 
I dont' want to go post by post to replace each picture. 
For example, I would like to replace all this pasted in the topics: @test.png.32186348313d5831d365ef0767e9348f.png by this  @test2.png.1bd91327132e516276ed508c21aba096.png for all the topics where the image has been pasted.

Is there any possible way of doing this ? the code, the src part of the html code points to something like this:  "www.url.com/uploads/monthly_2016_12/585d005fda3d0_reputationexcellent.png.97a9aad8e7fac6da8a2c8b02603cc9e8.png "

Is there anything I can do to change all the pictures at once ?

If I didn't make myself clear, I will try to do it better.

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4 hours ago, Apfelstrudel said:

Yes. Why not?

But only if you want to replace this pic everywhere.

Yes .. that's it!


3 hours ago, Meddysong said:

Yep, like Apfelstrudel says, give another image the same name, then upload it. It will overwrite the previous one.

Thank you so much, I was so focused on a software solution that I never thought of the server!

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The only problem is users images will be cached for a while. I've used something like this in phpmyadmin when smiley urls changed etc....

UPDATE `ibf_forums_posts` SET post = REPLACE(post, 'default_blush.gif', 'default_blush.png') WHERE post like '%default_blush.gif%'

You could severely mess up your forum doing update sql commands if you're not confident with it though so the other solution may be better for you.

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