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Nexus - Allow expiration of all packages, not just renewals


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In IPB 3.4.x, there were options on all of the transactions to set an expiration date on the package purchased, regardless of whether or not the package was a recurring one or not.  I used this option to edit the expiration date to ensure IPB expired the user's access on the date entered.  It wasn't perfect, but it was better than manually trying to figure out who to remove from members access and who not to.

In IPB 4.x, that option to edit the expiration doesn't exist if the package itself isn't set for a recurring renewal option.  In my use case, we create one-time packages for workshops/memberships that are for a specific period of time and not offered again.  Since those don't renew, there's no way to expire the package and kick the user off the forums after the workshop is over (except by administrator's manual action) under the current version.

I have long asked for the option to set every package with an expiration date, both a rolling and a hard calendar date.  ESPECIALLY a hard calendar date.  (Because why should I have to go edit them on every transaction if I can set the correct one in the package?)

Use case:

1.  At the package/product create or edit, the option should be Does this product have an expiration date?
2.  If yes, present option to set expiration date.  
     A.  Choose expiration date type:
           - XX days (similar to options shown under recurring package.
           - Date:  MM/DD/YYYY (all products purchased under this package will have the same expiration date.)
3.  If no, continue. Expiry_date is left blank.  

Move this option out of the recurring field, but leave the invoicing options there.

Please, could we get this feature?

Pam Trader





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Also just upgraded to IPB4 from IPB3, and I am having the same issue.  I want my customers to have the choice to renew after 1 year, not get automatically billed.

Dunno why they removed this option and Im now regretting upgrading my forum :(

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Issues like this (where features are removed) should be better documented by IPS, especially for those considering upgrading to their latest products (either willingly or unwillingly due to EOL on the 3.x series of products).

Apologies if it is documented somewhere, but if not, this should be a high-priority item, especially with 3.x being EOL and a lot of customers having to consider upgrading to keep in line with support.

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