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Move members to another group after purchase (downloads)


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Hello, in commerce product we can add a rule to move customers who made a purchase of this product to another group,

we are looking to move members who buy a digital product (file with ip downloads) to specific group, is that possible ?

we really would like to find the same products options (commerce) in Files downloads (paid)!!

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Three ways ...

1. Associate IP.Downloads file to a Commerce product.  This should be available once you "enable paid files". You can choose a Commerce product for each file's setting.

2. Sell IP.Commerce packages that promote to new membergroup, and give link to Download file.  Downside is other members can't sell files then, since admin must set up.  

3. Use Automation Rules by @Kevin Carwile set up a rule. IF buy a download file, AND in membergroup A, THEN move to membergroup B.

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