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[PAID} Custom pagination add-on for Pages records


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The built-in navigation to "Next unread post" in a Pages post/article does not work well, especially if you have added or re-sequenced the records (i.e. pages) involved. Similarly the 'NEXT PAGE" tags don't work well if you are creating a large, multi-paged article or section with lots of images-- it can become a HUGE page to load, makes creation and editing very cumbersome, and may effect "page impressions."

I will pay for someone to develop a widget/add-on that looks and functions just like built-in IPS pagination, shown below, and themed with the same settings, that shows at the bottom of Pages record display.


Page 1 is the first record in a category/subcategory, and the last page is the last page in that categoyr/subcategory.  Page X of Y, with Y being the total number of records in that category/subcategory  Records should be initially linked by the RecordID of the previous and next record, and these RecordID values should be stored as additional fields, and displayed (and editable) on the Create/Edit view for the record. Similarly, add a Sort ID for each record, to establish the order in which the records within a category are displayed.  When the Sort ID is edited, reseqencing the displayed list of records, automatically recalculate the RecordID values for the previous and next page IDs on each record within the category.  

Maybe some day, IPS will implement something similar with "drag and drop" resequencing of the record lists and pagination of pages, but meanwhile this could be a huge step forward.

Anyone interested in building this for me, as a paid custom project? Then you can market it in the Marketplace...

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I suggest contacting:

I used prev/next code for Pages from him (if I remember correctly) in 3.4. He should have no problems setting something like that up for 4.1. 

I am missing that function as well by the way and would consider it much more useful for most of my many Pages database than the current “next/prev unread” feature. 


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I've experimented with those tags, but it makes for huge pages, since my content averages 5 images per page (record). Right now, I'm manually creating a NEXT PAGE > link.  I'm manually adding a SortID to control the record lists. It is a real PITA...

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Continuing his excellent custom work, @onlyME has created this navigation plug-in for me.   It works VERY well, and requires only one Custom Field per record, for SortID.  It replaces the built-in Next unread record which does not work correctly for pagination if the records within a category were not created in sequential order, or if the user has previously viewed one of the records within a category.   As you create/edit the records within a category (or subcategory) you must manually specify the SortID as a mandatory field.


The built-in navigation on the left still allows the user to quickly jump back to the category record listing, as before, which is especially important for navigating from the last record in a category or subcategory. Using this plug-in allows the admin to have total control of the pagination of records or articles.

If others are interested in something similar, please encourage @onlyME to package this as a plug-in for the Marketplace, similar to his Records/Articles thumbnails work that I reported here:


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