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Adsense protection


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I would love to see an application/plugin released which will safe guard our Adsense accounts.

I had earned over $200 with one of my sites, prior to it being click bombed and it took me ages to fight Google's decision of terminating my account. In the following weeks after, my site was constantly DDos attacked and since I haven't been able to put any Google ads up - mostly out of fear. Media.net isn't a suitable replacement for me, despite the fact they safe guard you as default.

As you can imagine these attacks have greatly effected my site, however I hope that someone would consider releasing my request.


Must be able to work in conjunction with the default ad system (HTML code - automatically detecting Adsense).
Prevent ads from being shown on VPN's all together.
Disable Adsense when ads are clicked too frequently by certain IP Addresses - ideally reverting to a chosen in-house banner instead when safeguarding from click bombing may occur.

If you would welcome Adsense protection on Invision Power Suite 4.1, comment and encourage this to be made because you never know if your sites revenue will be attacked in the same way as mine and not all are lucky to have their accounts overturned.

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The said site is now under protection by Google in terms of the attacks but my adsense account isn't safe.

Applications such as the above are very popular, there are dozens available for Wordpress, Joomla and even Drupal. I really think this would be one of those applications which spread with interest as time went on - it saves a lot of messing about and offers peace of mind.

Would you consider this? @newbie LAC 

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