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Add option for using Emojis instead of Emoticons to the ACP

KT Walrus

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I think IPS4 should have built-in support for Emojis. Emojis are a standard that almost all mobile and desktop devices/OS's. Although the user can insert Emojis directly into content (?), the emoji will display differently depending on the device/app/OS being used to display the UTF8 text and there is still a chance the user will be using a browser/email client that doesn't fully display all the emoji that the OP included in the post.

Fortunately, there is a mature open source implementation of Emojis that can be found here: https://github.com/Ranks/emojione

There is PHP classes to convert Unicode embedded in UTF8 text to SVG/PNG img and the set of emoji images can be styled with CSS for consistent display on all devices (including most email clients). EmojiOne provides both a scalable SVG file and PNG files in 3 sizes. I think most browsers support SVG (at least for these types of images) so SVG would give high resolution on all devices at all sizes.

It should be rather straight forward for IPS Devs to ship EmojiOne support in IPS4 (including CKEditor emoji menu plugin using IPS4 theme elements).  The only requirement for using EmojiOne in a commercial product is attribution which IPS4 could place in the CKEditor emoji dropdown (or possibly just in a credits page).


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