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Can we set DEFAULT auto-follow settings for all new members?


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Every forum member can adjust their notification settings like the ones I pasted below.  However can admins set what is DEFAULT for all new members?  I did not find it in the ACP.  I only found "Default Notification Method" which isn't the same as the stuff below.

  • Automatically follow content
    • Automatically follow new content I post
    • Automatically follow content I reply to
  • Method to use for content I follow automatically
    • A notification when new content is posted
    • One email per day with all new content from that day
    • One email per week with all new content from that week
  • Notification preferences
    • Show popup window when I receive a new personal message
    • Only send one email notification for content I follow until I revisit the community
    • Play a sound when I receive a notification
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2 minutes ago, R-023 said:

If i'am right, not.
Changing here will affect every member.

If you mean auto follow topics, this will come in 4.1.16 next week.


Your first two sentences slightly confused me.  Just to make sure I'm not misunderstanding it, is the red rectangle area in the image something that is not yet available until 4.1.16?  Because I couldn't find that in my ACP.  But I'm still on

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