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Featured Post - First Post on Top?


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When I use the Post Feed block to pull featured posts from Forums, it always sets the latest reply at the top, and the Starter post at the bottom,

How can I change the block so that the Starter post is always first, and the replies follow under it as in the forums?

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To enhance on this, when a post is made that I want to Feature, it would be structured like this:

1. Initial Post
2. 1st Reply
3. 2nd Reply

However when I use the Feature post function, and then call Featured posts using the Post Feed block into Pages, then the structure becomes:

1. 2nd Reply
2. 1st Reply
3. Initial Post

This is what I want to rectify so when used with Pages using the Post Feed block, the structure remains as in the original post,  with the post followed by the replies.


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3 hours ago, TSP said:

When editing the "Post feed" block, at the bottom of the settings list there should be a setting named "Sort direction". Set that to "Ascending" and save. 

Does that not do what you need or do you mean something else?


No unfortunately all that does is sort the various different featured threads.

What I mean is that I want to sort the replies within a featured thread, so that the sort order is the original thread followed by the replies, not the replies on top, then the original thread below.


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