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Got a question regarding the Paid Premium Member Subscription. I have not been able to figure out how to set it up. I followed the steps in the guide and some previous threads in the forums but I do not seem to have the option of "Normal Product" only the other two "advertisment" and "Hosting Plan". It's a new site I have never used this product before but really need this option and not sure if I am missing something or have they taken this option out and there is another way to do it or add another product type ?? 

Taken from the Guide 

You can add a new product by visiting Commerce>Store>Products within the admin CP and selecting the + next to one of the groups (Note you can add new groups using  the "Create new group" button if you wish to do so.
First of all you will need to select from one of the three options you see under the "Type" section as shown in the screenshot below. We will be selecting "Normal Product" for this exercise. 

But I do not see the option for Normal Product ...



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