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Members Control Own Theme Colors?


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Being a participant on many forums over the last 15 years, I have seen where they actually have a "Preference" area within the members account. And in that preference area there is a way for the member to tweak their own theme a bit, to see the colors they want during their interaction on the forum, even text size. For example, we may have a color blind member, who needs to tweak a shade of color a tad to better see the text or some controls.

Does anyone know of a third party plugin or application that may accomplish this?

Thanks for any feedback


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56 minutes ago, Meddysong said:


I just purchased that plugin Meddysong, it's a fine plugin, but only has two variables, main color, and secondary color for the theme. Nothing for individual areas such as headers, back ground, text size, fonts, link colors etc.  But it is a good app. Just not as in depth as we need.

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