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I put this in the wrong forum to begin with, so here it is copied over, and I'll try to get the wrong one deleted, sorry! But here goes.


Dear folks, I thought there was a way to have the ability to reply to posts within a topic. So that when a reply was made to that post, the reply would drop in immediately below the post. Is this feature not in our core anymore?



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It sounds as though you're describing a tree:

- Reply 1
- - Reply 3
- - - Reply 9
- - Reply 6
- - - Reply 8

- Reply 2
- - Reply 4

- Reply 5

- Reply 7

It that's what you mean, then that's not been the norm in forums for years. I don't think I've seen it since ... 2008? 2010? It's not available in IPS4, anyway.

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