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using Mysql Vs file system

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i'm currently running my board in i use php 7.0.10 and mysql 5.6.30, after installing php 7 memcache was not able to works i have switched back to no caching, as now i have to wait for it to be ok :


Installing Memcache on PHP 7.0

The Memcache extension does not currently work with PHP 7.0. If you attempt to install it on PHP 7.0, you will encounter errors building the extension. As soon as the extension is updated to work with PHP 7.0, you will be able to install it.

but he remaining question is what i gain from switching from File Systems ( i using this for now) to Mysql database, did i need to take care of details, pay attention in certain settings ?


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what do you mean with " the last option to use is MySQL over file system so is worth it ? " ?
Best performance is (if you have a good server) php-cacher in combination with mysql instead of file system

with GD you cannot get really power out of the system - best it always to have pictures with minimized KB size, better you limit this for your users
if you have no community which is important for high optical quality set is as low as possible

this are all "optical" corrections for a system, with round about 1-3 % performance change maybe 

for caching you can also try to use APCu - maybe it gives you better perfomance than memcached, or try redis if possible for you - there is no general guideline 

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4 minutes ago, recifbox said:

php-cacher like memcached ?

yes correct - best is you try different php-cacher which work together with IPS, if you have it possible to install them  (memcached, apc(c), redis) and look at the performance what you get there ;) 

i play also with this 3 php cacher - i had some problems to get APCu working but now it also works 

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you are welcome - if you have time and would like to try you can also play with nginx & apache or mariadb instead of mysql  - but always is very important that you keep everything clean then it works best :thumbsup:

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