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Pages set as default app?

Lenny Warren

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My forum is in my root domain. If I purchased Pages and set that as the default app, could I make a home page that displayed on my root, but then forums would be navigable from that?

In other words


would go to my home page done in pages, but to navigate to my forums, would I have to move the forums back to


or would that all be handled automatically?

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It’s automatic. Once you set Pages as default app, the forum will be put in the “virtual” folder /forums/. 

(That will change all your existing forum URLs though. Either you are okay with that or you need to customize the friendly URLs to remove that /forums/ part again.)

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Cheers @opentype. I've bought Pages and made a default page, set as default and all seems fine. HOWEVER, when I click forums, even though the url shows


It directs to the home page again. The new Pages home page. So basically it's going round in a loop. Thing is, I'm sure my host put a 301 redirect into my .htaccess when I moved my forum yesterday from /forums to the root.

It's my own fault, should have just forgot using the portal and instead of all this farting about just used Pages to begin with, or learned to stop footering....

I've raised a ticket, but they've escalated it. My .htaccess has this line in it.... Does this look like I've ended up creating a loop?



#RewriteBase /forums/
RewriteBase /


#Begin Redirect /forums/ to /
RewriteRule ^forums/(.*)$ $1 [R=301,L]



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