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New user failed to Sign-in. Error code: 2S129/1

Daniel Simoes

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An user is trying to sign-in in our forum and getting this error: Error code: 2S129/1. Apparently it happens only with this user.

Searching on google I found out that could be spam prevention, maybe the user´s ip or email is in some black-list. Is it the reason? If yes, what´s his next steps, to come out of this list?

Or, if isn´t this, what does means the error code?


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Yes, it means the user has been flagged as spam by the IPS spam service. 

This is either caused by the IP address he has when he attempts to register or his email address. You could manually create the account for him in the Admin CP to get around it or alter the spam prevention settings.

You may also see more information in the spam prevention logs which exists somewhere in the ACP

If you believe the person has been falsely flagged you could try to open a ticket with IPS support and give them the email address and IP address of the user, and they may decide to white list him so he avoids the same problem on other communities in the future. 

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