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Scheduling visibility of post


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In IPB 3 I had installed a hook that allowed me to schedule the time a topic became visibile. This way, my assistant created a draft, I checked it and it was hidden.

We set a "visible date" and forgot about it. It went live when we scheduled. 

In IPB 4 I can't see a similar plugin. Is there a feature or plugin to achieve the same result?


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I'm aware of the 3x hook that did that. ^_^ It simply worked via a task to trigger the topic visible.

I'm unfortunately not aware of a 4x plugin that would do this however, not at the moment anyway.

In theory it would not be too difficult to write one to do this though. It might be something you want to consider requesting for a third party to create if you find this essential ?

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33 minutes ago, Sheffielder said:

Hmmmm this one could be really useful to me too

Or even write a post, schedule a 'go live' time and then it appears at that time?

Yeah… I think he's thinking that visibility would do this, except maybe your mods would be able to see it.

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