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Articles auto thumbnail first pic

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Do you want to use these images as thumbnails? If so, read on...

As I understand it, the articles use the Record Image field to show these. Using Record Image is optional for a database, and as you say,,those record images  must be uploaded separately -, either when you create the record or using the Media function in the ACP for Pages..  Unfortunately, if you upload a Record Image it will automatically insert that image at the beginning of the article -- you have no choice.  So, you cannot have a "thumbnail" view of that article on record listings in IPS  without using Record Image and you must display that image at the very beginning of the article -- without being able to control its location.

For thumbnails, I had @OnlyME create me a custom app (based on his Topic Thumbnail app) that allows me to create and manage Article thumbnails -- and it creates those thumbnails automatically.  Then, I can manually choose to (a) use the Record Image to create the thumbnail, (b) select ANY photo from the article to become the thumbnail, or (c) use and External URL as the thumbnail.  (This External URL function is very handy to show custom thumbnails for "completely text" articles or to visually categorize and identify the type of article, similar to using different icons.)

Suggest you contact @OnlyME about this, or about him offering it in the Marketplace.

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