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Append text to copied content


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On phpBB (long time ago...) I had a plugin that appends text to copied content.

This feature can be a good seo solution. It can add a link to your website.

How it works : 

Someone copies some content (CTRL+C). The plugin adds some text to the content, for example : 

if content copied is


"lorem ipsum dolor sit amet"

, when the user paste (CTRL+V), the content will be (for example) : 



"lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Read more here : "https://invisionpower.com/forums/forum/506-customization-requests"


Maybe sometimes the link will be removed by the user, but sometimes not. Then you get a backlink to your site.


Here is an javascript explanation : 


 is there someone to make such a plugin ?  Please tell me the price to do it 
If some others non-developper are interested, we could pay together.

Interesting features for this plugin : 

- Ability to customize text for differents forums or apps
- Ability to choose witch groups will be affected with it (for example : only guest)
- Ability to choose the link added (where the content is copied or another one)


(Sorry for my bad english, I hope someone will understand)




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