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Automatic move to Banned group when Ban


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Hi there.

I just see another day one topic with "Ban and move to group banned users" but now I can't find this.

Is that possible to get all members banned, moved "automatic" to the group of "Banned Users" and then when ban expire they back "automatic" to members group or this should moved to other group manually?

I see that option in ACP, but when you click in "permanent" its hide the option and if you are OUT of ACP, and try ban user in the normal forum, we don't have this option.

If someone can help. Thank you for our time!

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Rules app (I'll take a look at this) Thank you for suggestion.

Im Coming from xenforo and over xenforo bans works like a monster. Its include if banned user try to create new account. Xenforo forbidden account creation and show a message for moderators (this new account appears to be for the same banned user xxx... Do you want to allow this account creation?)

And account still in pending activation if you don't do anything.

I really need something to help with bans or maybe ill need to rollback to xenforo. Omg I don't want to do it.

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