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Moving Domains - A few problems

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I am moving my site from www.fansfootballforum.com to www.myfootballforum.com but its not working properly on www.myfootballforum.com as you can see if you click the link.

The domains are both on the same hosting package and are sub domains of my main domain.

What settings will I see to change to get it working properly, I have only managed to edit conf_global.php with the domain www.myfootballforum.com.


Many thanks

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I can't get into the admin section as the themes don't seem to be working.


The ABOVE picture is what my homepage looks like www.myfootballforum.com

The BELOW picture is what my admin page looks like, it just lets me log in, then takes me back to my home page.



Is it possible to reset the theme via phpmyadmin or anything similar?

Are there any admin tools available to download if you lose access to your site?



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