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Breaking changes should be posted in a public forum


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Currently, developer changes are posted in Contributor Chat, with only a brief summary of the change in the release notes. However, while a significant number of the people affected by the change are contributors, it is by no means everyone who is affected - there are a considerable number of developers who do so for their own sites, without ever uploading anything to the marketplace, which means that they don't get to see the details of the changes until the update is released. This means that they are unable to upgrade their site until they have updated their applications, which, for the majority of updates which also happen to be security releases, is not good.

I don't know where the dev release notes should go, since for many users they are irrelevant, but I strongly feel that they should be publicly accessible. Maybe you could still post the thread in contributor chat for discussion, but also copy and paste it into a spoiler in the normal release notes or something.



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