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What is this slow query ?


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I'm seeing large numbers of the following query with different "INDEX_TAG IN" terms taking up to 90 seconds each to run:


/*IPS\Content\Search\_Results::count:538*/ SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `ibf_core_search_index` AS `main` WHERE ( ( index_class IN('IPS\\core\\Statuses\\Status','IPS\\core\\Statuses\
\Reply') ) OR index_class='IPS\\forums\\Topic\\Post' OR ( index_class IN('IPS\\blog\\Entry','IPS\\blog\\Entry\\Comment') ) ) AND index_item_index_id=index_id AND
index_item_index_id IN ( SELECT index_id FROM `ibf_core_search_index_tags` AS `core_search_index_tags` WHERE ( index_tag IN('obama') ) ) AND ( index_permissions = '*' OR ( (
FIND_IN_SET(2,index_permissions) ) ) ) AND index_hidden=0

What particular event or process is creating these as it's wreaking havoc on performance. Is a search engine bot flooding something ?

Is this is a query produced by the 'reindexing posts' background process which is currently running ?

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