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  1. Yeah, I'm fully in agreement too. Especially with topics. We have had a number of instances where users have found other users so disagreeable that they have felt the need to completely block someone - rather than cause admins hassle. This is responsible of the user but at the present time they find that the ignore feature simply doesn't allow them to ignore the other person - which is what users are expecting will happen when they click to ignore the user's posts. They don't expect to see their topics coming up in the main forum view either. I can't see how it would be a bad addition - and to be fair I am really surprised that there isn't a hook in the marketplace because in my view it's a feature that is severely lacking from the forum software - and IPB's competitors allow users to ignore fully.
  2. I'd not even do that to be honest. I'd have the main categories for the companies that make them, Apple, Samsung, etc. Then sub categories of Phones, Tablets, etc. Then rather than creating a subgroup for each device model, just set a forum to require the author to put the model in the title/post/tag. That way you have considerably fewer forums/subforums and each of the boards are active. 500+ forums must be a nightmare to moderate.
  3. To be fair I do agree with this. Most websites will have a button or link or something to indicate that clicking it will take you to the top. Especially with message boards. It's very well to say that we could use various keyboard options, but consider this. The rich text editor allows you to use keyboard functions to make your text bold, italicised and underlined, but the option is provided for users to click on the icon to do it. This is done because it improves the user experience. It is also useful for accessibility reasons. We know that you can do various things in order to return to the top of the page, but for user experience, a button or link is best. I think sometimes we think too much like admins and not like users.
  4. IPS doesn't have to abide by the rules of Google. Google have no enforcemnt capabilities and are not a statutory body. Suggesting that IPS has to follow rules that Google, another company, has set, is a little bit silly.
  5. The problem with that would be people having to request a new language, rather than it being something they could select themselves. My personal approach would be to have two different message boards as it seems like such a hassle to try to manage separately.
  6. It's not a simple fix though. I don't think you can really say that for them it is not important. Multilingual sites (even for bespoke websites) are a nightmare to do on the same domain, without using PHP code to save sessions etc. Hence why most companies tend to have a separate domain for that country. @Meddysong Not a bad though - although for a fully multi-lingual site the directory structure would also need to be renamed.
  7. I manually added it through the template. But I agree I was very surprised that it wasn't there as standard and to me it should be.
  8. I don't know how to make it clearer. The best option is to create two separate pages. That's what every other website does with multiple languages. If I create a website, I have an English version and another version for every other language I want to have. It is very easy to add language packs to the software in order to translate your board. However if you are creating custom pages then you will have to create two separate pages. You could probably use some PHP code somewhere to show a certain piece of content only if the user's language has been sent to a particular language ID. But this is a modification that you will have to make when writing a page in IP.Page. What are you wanting the solution for? IP.Pages or IP.Board?
  9. I take your point. I think it is certainly a factor for many websites though.
  10. You said that the hosting package is staying the exact same. Have you bought the domain name from your host? Some domains are sold with a small amount of hosting space but by changing the DNS records you can change this to the server of your choice.
  11. If you are staying with the same host you don't need to. If you are staying on the same package and only changing the domain, you do not need to import any DB or anything like that. It is still staying in the same place. Re: DNS. When someone types your address in, say Google, it checks the DNS record and reads that www.google.com goes to a server address of (for example). All you are doing is going to your new URL and pointing that to go to the same place.
  12. IPS allows you to create extra languages to translate the board. There are about 6500 languages in the world. It is not their job to translate the board into every single possible language. If you want to translate a post or a page, create a new one with the translated language in. That's what every other website does. I posted it in Customisation Resources as I felt it was better off in there -
  13. This has been very useful for a number of things I've been working on (primarily styling blocks in IP.Pages) however to take the matter off topic, how can I style tabular data in IPS, responsively? I'm trying to create a scorecard for the Euro 2016 football matches and I'm having to rely on tables. @modman At the same time though you can't expect IPS to create every single customisation that every single customer might require. As for the actual plugins, the marketplace allows reviews, so it is self policing. It's a similar setup in that you would not expect Apple or Google to create every single app that every single customer wants. If you want custom development from IPS - https://invisionpower.com/services/enterprise That level of one-on-one bespoke services will cost you though.
  14. One step at a time, Lindy I definitely wouldn't be against that - for the reasons I suggest, but I guess that it is beneficial for those who have got plugins already for them to be updated (especially if the update from IPS is only a minor update).
  15. This is one thing I also meant to add. There is also the point that if they have not got a licence they cannot apply updates as fast as developers with active licences can. Even more importantly, a developer who uses the software will know how it works better than someone who does not use it.
  16. But it isn't. If IPS were to provide a customised install with everything you want it would cause IPS more work, not just in the initial development, but also in supporting your install if you decide to upgrade or if you need assistance. It is best for IPS to focus on a core product with core features (refining them as suggestions become available) and for plugins/addons to be developed by the community. As it already is.
  17. This isn't some sort of democracy, you know. IPS offers a product based on their vision of what they want the product to be. They already listen to feedback from customers and implements a lot of good ideas. I would rather IPS spent their time working on the core product instead of developing customised features for different people's boards.
  18. What features do you feel that IPS should support natively in the core product? Provide some specific examples. You can create pages easily with IP.Pages. The suite has the ability for multiple languages. Anything other than English is best left out of the core product. A lot of the stuff you seem to want to do is possible to do in Google Maps.
  19. Yes, we are talking about IPS. However there is not a single piece of software that has been released completely free of bugs. It isn't as though Lindy is sat in an office, saying "Yeah I know that it's riddled with bugs but release it and we'll deal with the aftermath later". The very nature of bugs is that you can only catch so much. Any developer will tell you that fixing one thing can unintentionally break another thing. Unlike many other platforms, IPS has taken the feedback and Lindy has responded to say that they are looking for someone to head QA so as to mitigate the issues that have been recently experience. I doubt you would get that sort of feedback from any other company. One thing I will agree with is that IPS 3.4 had a lot more control over various aspects of the community. Others would also call it a lot of bloated software. I'm firmly in the camp that wants more features but I have found that whining is no way to do this. Provide some constructive feedback, stating exactly what you would like to be in, and IPS will listen. They might not necessarily agree, but I have always found that Lindy will provide a reason as to why they disagree instead of simply stating "No." Also, Wordpress is not IPS software so any criticism about IPS 4's interaction with Wordpress is not relevant. IPS have never stated that they support interfacing with Wordpress and that sort of support is better suited for a plugin by a third party developer. Especially when IPS have IP.Pages and IP.Blog.
  20. Lindy even clarified this on the first page of the thread. You replied with: You are advocating allowing people who have never even paid for the initial IPS product to profit from it. Why should pirates be given carte blanche and why should IPS allow pirating developers to profit from their work when they have given nothing back to IPS?
  21. That's a business decision for Lindy to make. And the user licence is not costly as it is an investment for developers who can make money from their skills. Especially as such skills are in short demand. My point is this. A developer who has purchased a licence to use the licenced software is more likely to know the software as they have been running their own community with it. They have access to the latest updates so can update their modifications faster. There's also the moral element of them making money from something that they have at least paid for, like we all have. In your posts you seem to advocate that administrators who have not purchased a licence, and have instead pirated the software, should be allowed to access the marketplace and develop for the marketplace. Lindy has certainly not said that this will be allowed and is vehemently against such a proposal. I am of the same opinion that pirates should not be given the encouragement to develop and potentially profit from modifying source code that they have no legitimate access to.
  22. This, without a doubt. Pages adds the ability for a huge amount of customisation. Pages is hindered only by a lack of documentation - which Lindy tells us is coming. There is more that can be done to make this better - for example allowing the filter by content tagging, but ultimately it gives a lot of control. As for the point you "argued" against, it is a perfectly legitimate point to make. People don't use a certain software package simply because of the mods that are available. The fact is, IPS are running a business and it doesn't make good business sense to offer your products out for free. The developers of PHPBB are not running a business, but as a result there is no guaranteed support if things go wrong. I am also yet to hear a valid reason why I and others, as paying customers, should be expected to subsidise a freeloading developer who wants to profit from IPS without making the initial investment by buying the licence in the first place.
  23. Any developer who knows what they're doing with IPS will have a licence already. I wouldn't trust a developer who hasn't already got a licence, and nor would I give them money when they refuse to pay the small amount that a licence costs. And I don't particularly think it is fair for paying customers to be subsidising a developer's licence when they will be using that licence to generate income for themself. Every other developer here has made that initial investment.
  24. And just to carry this point further - the fact that other platforms are open source/free is the main reason that they are more widely used. An active developer community will not lead to more sales of IPS. People aren't choosing to use PHPBB or other free software because of the plugins. They are using it simply because it is free. Free/open source software comes at a cost. There is no guaranteed support, there is no team that work on the software full time as their job.
  25. Quoting figures is worthless without an indication of the quality of the plugin. For example Apple (and Android) has an app store with a large number of apps. However the quality of those apps are quesitonable - for example there were a large number of "Flappy Bird" clones created.
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