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Sidebar actions are not logged / Pages permissions


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So with moderators able to access the sidebar they can do the following

  • Manage blocks on the forums
  • Edit content on pages

Currently none of the actions performed on the sidebar are logged and I feel they should be.

Example: You have a group of 4 that need to be able to edit content on certain pages, currently I can give them the "can manage sidebar" setting and then they can go and manage blocks on the forum and edit any content under pages. None of the changes are logged as a moderator action, and they should be.

Pages should have revisions for content added/deleted or edited by a moderator. You should expand the sidebar permissions/settings so you can set what applications it is active on.

With page permissions under the pages application I feel you should add "Edit" as an option, with this if a moderator visits a page with the sidebar enabled and the edit permission set on a page they will be able to edit the content on that page. Those edits should be logged or revisions of the edits saved.

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