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(NB41) Enhanced Advertisements

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15 minutes ago, Unlucky said:

does this app provide clickbombing protection for adsense?

Not tested.

27 minutes ago, Unlucky said:

So can I add adverts anywhere?


31 minutes ago, Unlucky said:

I tend to have a 300x250 followed by 300x600 adverts and have different sets for forum sidebar, calendar sidebar, football sidebar etc. I currently use IP custom blocks to place these so will this give me the ability to replace those?

You can add adverts based on location:

Topic #1, member #2, football league #1, activity stream etc

34 minutes ago, Unlucky said:

3 - I also name my ads for the location I place them so I know which ones are performing in adsense. Can I make sure for example, advert 1 in a forum / topic that is in position after 3rd topic / post is a specific advert, then the advert that is after position 5 in a topic post / forum is another specific advert?

Doesn't matter how you name your ads. You will work with css selectors.

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On 5/26/2016 at 7:03 AM, newbie LAC said:

Firebug + phpquery selectors.

I have installed firebug but can't seem to see what you posted in your example.

When you say the above, do I need to add a plugin into firebug called phpquery selectors?

Do you have screen capture software where you could do a quick example?

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Have only added that 1 advert

Just tried to do a search in a forum and the site has gone down with this error

Fatal error: Method IPS\core\Advertisement::__toString() must not throw an exception, caught Error: Cannot use object of type IPS\GeoLocation as array in /home/badhabi5/public_html/init.php(448) : eval()'d code on line 0

have disabled the ads app and the site has come back online

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19 minutes ago, newbie LAC said:

I wrote about that in the topic :) Please search


so it should just be this:-  article.cPost:eq(2)

It's confusing because that code is so much shorter to the advert after every 3rd topic in every forum one which is a lot longer

[data-pageapp="forums"][data-pagemodule="forums"][data-pagecontroller="forums"] .cTopicList .ipsDataItem:eq(9)

will give it a go now

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3 minutes ago, Unlucky said:

It's confusing because that code is so much shorter to the advert after every 3rd topic in every forum one which is a lot longer

You can use 

[data-pageapp="forums"][data-pagemodule="forums"][data-pagecontroller="topic"] article.cPost:eq(2)

to be sure what it topic view location

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8 minutes ago, Unlucky said:

I thought the Custom CSS  should be .ipsBox ipsPad_half ipsSpacer_bottom


Classes should start with dot.

Also element has all these classes. So you should remove spaces


Be careful. If these classes used somewhere else the advert will be displayed there.

[data-pageapp="calendar"][data-pagemodule="calendar"][data-pagecontroller="event"] .ipsBox.ipsPad_half.ipsSpacer_bottom


Edited by newbie LAC
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I added the code that was suggested in a reply to Hugo_S4 who asked Hello. Please help. How to insert an ad after the second search result

which was

#elSearch_main [data-role="resultsContents"] .ipsStreamItem:eq(1


It works lovely on the search results but I have just noticed it also appears incorrectly when clicking the members icon which takes you to:


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