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How do i edit the Category Page?

Ramon Mol

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Im using Pages and i use different categories to store my articles in (football based website).

On my main page im using the 3 Column Image feature (http://fminside.net/players/) which looks fine. But as i said i store my articles in different categories, so in the articles and on the homepage aswell, you can navigate to the different categories. Clicking on that link will bring you to the following page:


This shows a 'Forum' based template, listing the articles like this. 

However, i would like to have the Category page looking exactly the same as the home page, but only showing the articles in that specific category.

Where do i find the code to edit these category pages? In the template section of pages I have found the following: Category Index and Category Articles. Are these the correct templates to edit the Category pages?


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Has been requested many times, but that’s how it currently is, unfortunately. There is just one default “listing template” and it looks like that. You would have to customize it to look differently, e.g. like the special homepage templates, which only can be used for the database index view. 

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