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Member map - Custom location profile field


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Membermap with the latest 3.1 update "revolutionized" my community. Thank you @Martin A. and @stoo2000

It allows fetching a members location based on a custom profile field. 

On the registration page i am asking my members to enter their location. Many of them use shorcodes instead of actual cities or countries.
Most of the custom fields however have been synchronized because i edited the members custom input to match the city/region they were in.

There are however some badly placed markers.


I believe here we could have a great improvement by adding to the registration page (member profile) a custom location field which autocompletes from google automatically

This field could then be easily placed and synchronized on the member map.

Is there anyone interested in creating this custom field? I would pay for it. @Martin A.? What do you think?

By the way... here's my communities map:


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i tried that already... but it complicates the registration process a lot.

It actually adds more fields Country, Address, City, Region, Postal code

I was thinking of a more easier way.. an autocomplete field that mathces city and country.


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Having this large member database, it would be very useful to create some automation rules. What do you think @Kevin Carwile?

such as:

- if fewer than x members are in a range of x km, let them know they are not alone, they can have company when riding their bikes.

- if a new marker was added near some members, send out a message, email.. Notify the nearby members of the place. In my case, there can be biker friendly places.

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