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ip.pages DateTime field

Ali Majrashi

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it's 4.1.11 and still ip.pages do not support  DateTime and the Date Field limited only to dates

DateTime important to any product i hope ip.pages support it as soon as possible 

my site and 2 projects i'm working on depends heavily on this 

i have fields set to date only and some DateTime and some Time only for now i did create Ugly plugin to achieve it and need to make sure with each update this plugin working without issues

ip.pages do not have custom dates formatting like we have in ip.content on v3 

also the helper template plugin 

{datetime="$timestamp" dateonly="[boolean]" norelative="[boolean]" lowercase="[boolean]" short="[boolean]"}

do not support custom formatting

other fields also lack few features to make them even more powerful when you use ip.pages i already suggested many things and hope to see them in ip.pages it will make my life easier and many website owner who depends heavily on ip.pages 

for developer please make it easy and forward process to create custom field type via plugin and use it on ip.pages or other area like member profile

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On May 16, 2016 at 5:15 AM, Tyler Cassidy said:

I had to write an ugly plugin to support time in the date field as well for pages. Really it would have only been an extra 20 lines of code to natively support this...

i really hope they implement it sooner now i have 1 site and 2 project i'm working on and soon i'll have more and all of them need DateTime Fields

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52 minutes ago, Tyler Cassidy said:

I can send you the plugin I wrote if you want? Seems to be working fine on my website.

thank you very much. mine work fine but can you pm your work to compare it with mine and see 

official implementations still is the best for everyone 

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