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Defined Location Advertising

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Bit of a plea for assistance as the IPB Support team aren't able to help.  We want to start putting advertisements on our site - where specific ads will appear on specific pages (rather than one ad appearing in the same location across all pages).  I've read the "Creating Advertisements" Guide and everything was going great until I got to the Advanced Usage where the guide says:

"To use in the Pages application - the tag can be inserted in a page, block or template within the Pages application.  Simply insert the tag wherever you want the advertisement to show."

I've followed the instructions to the letter, but it doesn't work.  I've contacted IPB Support who say that adding the tag to Source in the WYSIWYG editor "isn't going to work. The code is meant for templates when people are doing template design and not the editor". 

Surely there must be a piece of smart HTML code which I could use to get the tag to work.  Any ideas/suggestions would be gratefully received.



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8 hours ago, ADKGamers said:

Why not create a custom block within pages and then add the code that you need to use into that block?  

I've not had much cause to use custom blocks (and when I did try them, it was with limited success).  Would I need to add any HTML around the tag?

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