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User Posted images posted to defaut user album

Chris Bell

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I’m wondering if this feature exist; if doesn't I’d like to request this feature as an option…
With  Gallery module installed; when a user posts an image (uploads to post),
is there a way to automatically add images to his default/selected album?
this makes it easy to keeping track of users images; as well as possible to feature their images without an album created especially,

(FYI i thought it was just on my site, (before you start Marc... FF45); this editor is just getting out of hand already,
enough with these paragraphs everywhere, endless issues that never seem to resolve themselves, SIMPLE WORKS!
i want to simply paste text and have it text!, not to start edit html tags! i like when i hit enter to get a new line; not a new paragraph,
ill stop here; as i can go on about this really annoying CK editor....!)




here is what happened when i hit post to my original post, it looked just as it does now when i submitted it,
i had to edit it after submitting because of this, these things happen all day, they don't cripple you to the point you have to stop and post a bug,
but they don't stop all day every time its something new with this... im sorry C KRAP editor! (it used to be just fine in 3.x)


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