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Initiate Upgrade Process


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A newer version of Invision is available.

I can’t find anything in the ACP that checks for a newer version. There is no prompt to upgrade, it is completely unaware.

How do I initiate the upgrade process in the ACP?


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At some point the ACP phones home and any visit to the ACP (or even the front end if you're logged in with an administrator's account) a prominent banner will alert with the new version and button to start the process right then and there.  I think it may only check once a day or something. So you won't miss an upgrade although how quickly you are automatically notified seems to be some combination of what time the release was released and when the ACP last pinged the mother ship. 

While I sometimes manually check for updates I mostly just let it check itself and update when prompted. It's never been more than a day after release for me.

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