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Accidentaly merged two huge topics, how to undo?


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Well, I screwed up and accidentally merged a huge topic (over 400 posts) with another pretty long topic simply because the way IPB has it's moderator tools setup.

When you select three posts and then try to merge those posts with another topic and it merges both of the damn threads together, that's pretty screwed up and needs to be addressed. :angry:

That aside, is there a way to undo a thread merge?

I've searched and found no way to reverse this aside from restoring from a back, which I will lose days worth of posts and new member, so I am reluctant to do that. :(

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I'm no newb to this.

I've been on forums since at least 2002. I've moderated and admin forums for at least 10 years. VBulletin, phpBB, IPB3 and now IPB4.

I don't know why, but in IPB4 the thread moderation tools confuse the faeces out of me.

Under > Moderator Actions > Merge, when I select a 3 posts on a page to merge with another thread, it merges both the damn threads together. It just has Merge and wants the URL. No real title or description of what it's going to do, so thinking since you have 3 damn posts selected, it will only merge those 3 posts with the other thread in which your pasting the url of. Real easy to screw up. This needs a description to warn moderators of what this 1 or 2  Merge tools will actually do! A correct title like Merge Topics! 

The dark gray pop-up at the bottom, if you select Merge, it will just combine the 3 selected posts together from what I can tell. Why not name it "Combine Posts" so it isn't so confusing?

Split should be Split Posts.

Anyone else here with me? Agree? 

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