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Permissions per stream are missing so far


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All content is permission-based so for example, in All Activity, it is all activity you have permission to view. We don't see admin forums, for example.

So how would you use this and wouldn't it have the potential to be a mess with permission conflicts per steam?

So basically you want to turn it off or on for certain groups. ALL streams. I guess I can see that, for guests especially, but not much more. Maybe a guest on/off setting. Pretty sure they only have access to AA anyway.

I could also see if a group does not have permission to any of the content in the stream, the title does not show for them, instead of them clicking the title to see nothing. This would be better than a setting, to me, to let permissions handle it. So a premium group stream, and you don't have to set any permissions. I see too many conflicts over oversights after you set something.

I would like however the setting to deactivate a stream without having to delete it. For seasonal/special streams, let's say you had a Super Bowl stream.

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