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  1. Does it also work with Content in Clubs?
  2. I would like to have a ref list implented in your software instead of using viglink. So, if someone puts a link into a post eg. amazon or another shop ... your ref id should be added automaticly to the url.
  3. Oh i hoped for this so badly. As it is not such a big thing to do. Hopefully we will get this in 4.4 then.
  4. Oh yes, I hope Mark just forgot it to mention. If not ... please add this. PLEASE. A page "tab" option. Or just a tab "free site" (editor).
  5. Nice, but the text is too bright under the photo. Not good for reading. ( Viewing an entry )
  6. AND: A member (e.g. member of 5 clubs) should be allowed to post a new topic (same) in all the (selected) clubs at the same time. Also admins/Mods. I am so often asked for this feature by my users.
  7. Clubs is great ... but it needs improvements. - Permission rights - Integreation with commerce / shop (for example ... member has to pay to get in a club ) - More flexibility with club tabs (also group permission rights for every tab) - own tabs ...
  8. Yep. Plus Permission rights (groups) for every category
  9. Right. For categories, for clubs and for club tabs ... i would like to choose which groups can see it. Permission rights.
  10. All tickets in Support are resolved? I have choosen Suport, not management. No other account. Same. So ... i started 2 tickets. I don´t want to be unpolite to start an other one. And i replied in one of my tickets by myself.
  11. Hello, why is the support so slowly? 1 week is gone and no answer. I only asked for Reactivation of Commerce and Pages. Yeah, my post is no 100,001 in this forum.
  12. Beatrina

    New: Clubs

    How can i delete an extra Club Feature like "Topics 2" "Events 2" ? I still find an edit option (manage Club) but no delete button. Oh, you can delete it only in the admin Center. But there you can find only the second Calendar/Event, not the second "Topics". A bug?
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