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Copy Event

Adriano Faria

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About This File

This plugin will allow moderators with permission to MOVE CONTENT to also copy calendar events to the same or to another calendar.

Event Info tab:

  • Choose the destination calendar (it can be the same calendar)
  • Event title: popup appears with the current title, but you can type a new one
  • Event author: popup appears with the current author, but you can choose a new one

Event State tab:

  • Allows you to start the new event with the following states: locked, hidden and featured
  • This tab will only appears if the moderator has any of the permissions: lock content, hide content or feature content. If the moderator has only one of them, only this one will appear.

Extra Data tab

  • Option to copy attendees from the original event, if the event has the RSVP enabled
  • Option to copy the event location
  • Option to copy the event cover photo
  • Option to copy the event album
  • Option to increment event author content count.


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18 hours ago, TRIReinvent said:

Hi there, I am having issues where if I try and copy an event to the 1st of November it doesn't show up on the event stream but will for the 2nd November?

Here is a video showing what my issue is: https://www.useloom.com/share/328f5b18a37842a0bf685803c4572e53

Can someone please contact me asap about this.

Hi, I'm not sure this is related to the plugin. Seems more like a user timezone. The plugin simply copies everything from source event and create a new one, exactly the same.

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On 2/5/2016 at 2:56 PM, Adriano Faria said:

This plugin will allow moderators with permission

Would it be possible to extend this so that users can also copy their own events, Adriano? That would save a doubling of the work, since the user will have to contact the moderator with the details first anyway if they can't copy the event themselves.

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