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So just a few general questions about. Firstly does anyone have a list of the exact extensions required for IPB suite?  I'm presuming mbstring, curl, mysql, mysqlite but any others?

Also using FAST CGI, how many instances do you tend to run per core?  I saw elsewhere the recommendation is 8-10 instances per core, which seems a bit extreme - I'm running a new server that has 2 x Intel E5 2620 so with 24 cores that's like 200-250 odd instances.. surely not? I've got mine set at 24 currently.


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These php-extensions are checked by the installer

  • cURL extension loaded.
  • Multibyte String extension loaded
  • DOM extension loaded
  • GD extension loaded
  • MySQLi extension loaded
  • OpenSSL extension loaded
  • Session extension loaded
  • SimpleXML extension loaded
  • XML extension loaded
  • XMLReader extension loaded
  • XMLWriter extension loaded
  • Phar extension loaded
  • Zip extension loaded

You may also check & try this script:






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