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  1. Why didn't I find that.. oppsie. I'll go sit in the corner.
  2. Having this option for every user is great. My forum members have traditionally preferred to click through to last post. However I used a hack for years to do this but now use the built in settings. However is there the possibility to set a global default - at present it defaults to first post - so that I don't have to explain how to do it to about 10 members every week? 😄
  3. Works ok on 4.6 but on mobile view it would be great if the ignore forum button was below the start topic, as it sort of breaks the responsive width
  4. Tom_F

    (DP45) PM Viewer

    Still not approved?
  5. Tom_F

    (DP45) PM Viewer

    Any chance you could put it 4.6 compatible 🙂
  6. It was giving template errors for me. Unforunatley I can't see the logs now as they've cleared out and can't reinstall as tis not flagged as 4.6
  7. Tom_F

    (DP45) PM Viewer

    This works fine in 4.6 btw
  8. Actually although it was working did notice some errors in the logs - mostly on the template side of things.
  9. FYI it seems to work fine in 4.6
  10. This thread for example, if you jump from next/back pages its sitting there for a while page loading and sometimes it pops up with 'unresponsive' dialog box. https://www.otib.co.uk/index.php?/topic/211759-pearson-post-match-interview/page/6/ Settings as follows:
  11. This update has caused massive problems for me, pages were hanging/not responding. Had to disable it as a result. Anything significant changed that would instantly affect the entire system that I need to maybe turn off?
  12. You forgot the end of MSSQL life too. The pain of converting MSSQL to MySQL was akin to that of watching the exit poll last month. I still have my NDAs for Nexus and something else I can’t even remember what it’s called. They’re in my drawer at work along with a copy of Windows Longhorn Beta 1 on DVD. Maybe. Probably. 3 months before I stop travels, will I have more time to tinker or just break things.. here’s to the next 10 - keep up the good work as always
  13. They also get a nice dollop of publicity for doing so.
  14. A good read! I originally used to hang out/post on some old car forums back in 2000/2001 and eventually got involved helping out as mod/admin. Back then it was Ikonboard 2.x and then the jump to 3.x. I then remember the excitement of IPB starting up and the first build of the forum back in early feb 02 I guess? I used to love the pre beta 1.0 skin. At the time I was working as an electronic engineer but good friends with the boss of a local IT/Software company who hosted the football forums for both clubs in the area. I eventually convinced him to take the leap from an old text file threaded board to IPB in 2003 as there were MSSQL drivers available back then (big up the Wilzor!) - by 2004 I was working for the software company and have done ever since. So that's the job of the last 14 years thanks in part to IPB and then also I met my now wife through that very forum around the same time and we'll have our second child in July. I probably owe @Matt a meal at Frankie & Benny s sometime.. its' been a while!
  15. Good stuff - my userbase suffer finding it over complicated at moment. Also don't seem to get alerted to when a subscription is about to expire but maybe that's me not having it setup right?
  16. Yes it seemed to be some sort of weird cache issue that cleared a while later.
  17. Works great although not on mobile view unless I'm being silly.
  18. Ok got it now.. for some reason it was coming up with the classic app stuff and gave me a rather long headache. Much apprecaited @Pete T
  19. It's the create an app on the paypal side that confuses me. It will only let me create a classic API one outside of the US and then I don't know really what I need to be filling out!
  20. Does anyone have a guide to setting up a application too allow use for paypal though the IPS commerce application?
  21. It does go away when you update to 4.0.8, though.
  22. I've created a copy of my live DB, that's all fine on 3.4.8, then deleted all files bar conf_global, public and uploads.. then I got to /admin/upgrade and get this error: array_merge(): Argument #2 is not an array I have Nexus using ioncube but I disabled this completely before attempting the update. Any help :/
  23. Tom_F

    [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    I'm getting a totally blank screen after reinstalling the shoutbox, is there a common reason for this?
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