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6 minutes ago, GREGORY DEANE said:

EXTREMELY new to this. I've scoured google for the past hour -- no luck. 

There is no specific cause for this so googling it won’t help. 

Open the ACP if that still works and go to System → Support → Something isn't working correctly.

Go through all the steps and see if it resolves the issue. If not, use the option to start a support ticket with IPS. 

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Madman, nothing. I checked EVERYWHERE for an error and the kind fellow at godaddy checked too just incase I missed it. 

Cloud 9 - It was not working at all. It went straight from installer to that page. 

Late late last night I decided to uninstall it all, reset the SQL database and etc. It worked! It's up and running. A file must have corrupted when I was initially installing it. So to anyone in the future that may come across same problem -- unintall/reinstall. Hopefully that helps. 

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