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Error Popup - User not able to log in?

Amos Ziegler

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We set up our forums a few months ago and one of our registered users has not been able to log in since first registering. Initially, she was having issues with Safari where once she clicked on "I am not a robot" the screen hung up and would not let her select the "accept terms" box to finish the registration. When she used FireFox, she was able to get further and complete the registration but she never received a validation e-mail. I ended up going into the AdminCP and validating her account after she tried to "resend confirmation email" a few times and never received any e-mails. 

Now, she has tried to connect to our forums and instantly received an error message pop-up that read " my account was not waiting for validation" and to please contact the site administrator. 

She is using a Mac with El Capitan

Has anyone else experienced this before or know what can be done to correct this so that this user can utilize our forums?

Thank you!

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