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Nested categories with special permissions issue

Cameron Son

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Hi there,

I believe I have discovered a bug where if you nest a category within a category and have special group viewing permissions, the title of the category is still visible to those that shouldn't see it.



I have a category called Test, and it's public to everyone to see.

Then I have a category within 'Test' which has special group viewing permissions where only admins can see this category (meaning guests and members are excluded).

In this scenario, as you browse the forums and you're looking at all the categories to view, you also see a "map" of what's in that category. It is here that the issue happens. A category that should not be viewable to anyone but admins has it's category title listed as a category in the 'Test' category for ALL to see (logged in to not). Once you CLICK on 'Test' then you will no longer see or get a hint of the existence of this private category.

I'm hoping this isn't intentional, but if it is, I'd love to understand why. It worked wonderfully well in IPB 3.



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