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  1. Hi there, I believe I have discovered a bug where if you nest a category within a category and have special group viewing permissions, the title of the category is still visible to those that shouldn't see it. Example: I have a category called Test, and it's public to everyone to see. Then I have a category within 'Test' which has special group viewing permissions where only admins can see this category (meaning guests and members are excluded). In this scenario, as you browse the forums and you're looking at all the categories to view, you also see a "map" of what's in that category. It is here that the issue happens. A category that should not be viewable to anyone but admins has it's category title listed as a category in the 'Test' category for ALL to see (logged in to not). Once you CLICK on 'Test' then you will no longer see or get a hint of the existence of this private category. I'm hoping this isn't intentional, but if it is, I'd love to understand why. It worked wonderfully well in IPB 3. Thanks!
  2. All is a bit more clear now, @opentype. Thank you for your help in this thread!
  3. Hey, thanks again @opentype! Curious to know...is there a reason I should not be doing this? You mentioned it was intentionally pulled. I want to make sure I'm not leaving potential to muck something else up in the process.
  4. Thanks much for your reply! Is there an example of this somewhere? Seems moving from the old article system to the new Pages system is not so friendly, especially with the old "teaser" paragraph going the way of the dodo bird. I can't seem to even get my teaser paragraph to show on the main page I create. It just wants to show the body, so the only thing I can think of to really fix this for the moment is to merge the old teaser field into the body from the backend of SQL. Anyways, now I'm getting too in-depth. I guess for now I'm just keen on figuring out the link issue.
  5. I'm having a baffling issue with Pages. I have been working on migrating my v3.x forum suite to v4.x, and my Pages content carried over horribly. I originally had articles as my home page which would display community news, and I would use the old "teaser" paragraph as what the main page created would show. Only if it were clicked would it show more. What's killing me here is my old "teaser" content sometimes had URL's embedded in text. For some reason, in IPB4 I cannot get Pages to show hyperlinks unless an article is actually clicked, thereby making for a very odd news page. As an example, something that should appear like this: A new product was released today.... Now appears like this: A new product was released today... (note no hyperlink for the word "released"). Only when the article title is clicked to read more do the hyperlinks finally show. What am I missing here? Seems rather crucial!
  6. Glad to hear! Am also having these issues, so hope for a fix soon.
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