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  1. I think it would be nice to be able to choose the number of threads per page each forum displays and also the number of posts each thread displays per page. Thank you
  2. File Name: Offline Pages by IPS Themes File Submitter: Tom Christian File Submitted: 12 Aug 2013 File Category: Maintenance Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x Offline Pages is a small hook that replaces the default 'Board Offline' page with a stylish and modern design that's fully responsive down to mobile devices. This hook is shipped with seven awesome background images selectable via the hook settings. Alternatively, you can follow the documentation included on how to add your own background images. Example Themes See attached screenshots. Features Seven awesome background images to choose from via the hook settings. Customisable offline message via the hook settings. Uses the traditional method of turning the board offline in the ACP to enable & disable itself. Detailed documentation included in the download package. here to download this file
  3. I have noticed, that the IP-Address is not shown in mobile devices/view. As the IP-Address for moderators is sometimes essentials, also when they can not access a desktop computer, I would recommend to make it visible on mobile devices.
  4. From some time after the ipb4 upgrade i get a lot of 404 from attachment files. after further inspection i have tracked the issue to not renamed files, they do exist with attach_file instead of attach_location. I want to make a script to walk core_attachments and rename files not renamed, since i do have both parameters. However there is one thing i can not understand In filesystem i have stored: /uploads/monthly_07_2013/Some File.pdf.7886fc68f0a15895a1afcb6f463eb0cc I have no idea where that hash comes from, and how to match efficently. [{ "attach_id": "36647", "attach_ext": "pdf", "attach_file": "Some File.pdf", "attach_location": "monthly_07_2013\/post-21243-0-80182800-1372864076.ipb", "attach_thumb_location": "", "attach_thumb_width": "0", "attach_thumb_height": "0", "attach_is_image": "0", "attach_hits": "130", "attach_date": "1372864076", "attach_post_key": "", "attach_member_id": "21243", "attach_filesize": "2864122", "attach_img_width": "0", "attach_img_height": "0", "attach_is_archived": "0" }] core_attachment_map [{ "attachment_id": "36647", "location_key": "forums_Forums", "id1": "80549", "id2": "1194315", "temp": null, "id3": null }]
  5. Hi, guys. How can I enable Gzip compression in IPB 4? I've tested my forum in Google Page Speed and I found out that js and CSS file don't compress. I turn on gzip compression in Nginx, and it works fine for static files from my web-site. But it doesn't work for files from a forum. I guess it's because of parameters "?v=", but could you tell me please, how can I fix this? Thanks you
  6. Hi, I am using IPB 3.4.8 and wondering if there is a way that the topic creator get an email notification for reply to his Topic without manually following his own topic which most of my members don't do. Like I am user of different forums and when someone replies to the topic i start, i get instant email notification without even subscribing for my own content and thats with default settings. Please accept my apology if its an easy fix and I missed on something in settings despite spending hours to find it out. Any comments will be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. I am torn between allowing remote images or not. Our community is image heavy, we post images for everything. My biggest concern is by allowing remote images in topics and posts, someday they may delete their remote image account, or wherever the remote image is being served from, and the topic or post looks bad with empty image links now. But, on the other hand, folks like remoting images in from their photo server such as Photobucket and others. What is your opinions on this? Thanks for any feedback.
  8. notification are not hightlight which are actually not checked or clicked.. in view all notification page its fine it shows bold text .. but it should be fixed here to to highlight unread notification so we can know which one we checked . sometimes there r so many and its hard to find which 1 we checked . here is the screenshot
  9. Hi guys, so I’ve been trying to like the new search Streams format; i can’t put my finger on it exactly but... i find it very annoying still, while it’s a nice classic and clean design; i find it very unsettling and confusing to view or track topics; i don't know if it’s that line across the left side connecting all topics that makes is confusing; or the lack of tags used to display quick info about topics, this new search format is just not working out for me; it’s very confusing and lacks basic intuitive queues, Anyone else finds this an issue for them? TIA Chris
  10. IPB I created custom activity streams under System → Streams: Then I created friendly URLs for them under System → Advanced Configuration → Friendly URLs: After that, I added new menu items under System → Menu Manager that point to created streams: The problem is friendly URLs are not used: Although they work. Please fix.
  11. File name: Similar Topics Submitter: Marcher Technologies Submitted: 11/15/2012 Category: User and Social Engagement Demo : http://www.marchertech.com/board/topic/339-classified-a-test/ Discussion URL : Supported Versions: 6 Support Info : Support Topic This Hook Adds a display of similar Topics in one of three positions while viewing a topic, under the first post of every page, in a depreciating js-powered flyout, or under the topic, with user-customization options. The flyout shows on the bottom right of the page when the end of the first post of the page has been reached or after, and hidden when the end of the first post of the page is below the viewport. As a result of an implementation detail, this modification also adds relevancy sort support for the forums application search. Features Include: • Sphinx Support. • User Preferences, including minimization, number of topics, forums to display similar topics in, and position. • Configure the default position and number of topics to show for members, and the same for guests and crawlers separately. • Configure what groups may not view/use similar topics. • Configure what groups may not customize the position, number, and forums displayed in of similar topics and thus are forced to use default. • Configure what forums may not display similar topics by default. • Configure "Stop Phrases" words, characters, and phrases to be stripped from the topic title used for searching for similar topics. • Configure the minimum length of a word in the topic title to be included in the search for similar topics. • Option to Override the main search setting to force searching for similar topics into SQL mode. • Option to show similar topics collapsed by default for users not having the cookie set. View File
  12. Hello, I recently installed a new IPS board, version I followed the steps described at https://community.invisionpower.com/4docs/administration/system/settings/login-handlers-r22/ to get the client ID and secret key to configure the Google Login. I have the client ID and secret key and Google+ API is enabled but if I paste the keys to the Google login configuration in IPS I get always an error like "Google rejected the details provided. Please check the details you provided have been entered correctly and try again." I don't know what I should do more or what I have to change? Maybe someone had the same experience? Thanks Tobias
  13. Hello. We have highly customized version of IPB 3.4.6. Many system features were rewritten to suit our needs. To the point where 3.4.6 is not any more desirable to convert to the version 4.x (or probably impossible). But we still want to update forums to 4.x, we know that our features will be lost. But we will rewrite them to be compatible with 4.x engine. We installed version 4.1.7 and we like it. Question: Is there some tool that can help us to migrate database from our live forums (which are on 3.4.6) to the new ones (which are on 4.1.7 version)?
  14. Hey everyone, I sorry to ask such a simple question, but for the life of me I can't find the setting which is stopping my regular forum users (users just in the Members group) from seeing the "insert other media" button when they attempt to reply to forum posts or create new forum posts. Funny, they can see it in PM's and that setting appears pretty obvious. I don't see it under group or forum permissions, group settings allow for unlimited uploads of attachments, and everything under forum settings and posting general looks fine (no limits - everything allowed.) I even tried the "default theme" and same issue. It's weird because admins can see the "insert other media" button in replies and posts without issue, just not Members. So - which setting am I missing? Thanks in advance for any help! Shawn Tierney
  15. We have an error in the Reference API within the Admin CP When we try to display the reference for the database Records, we get an EX0 error. Our log files shows the following informations: What can we do to fix the problem ? Thanks
  16. Looks like a bug (see attachment). Actually, it acts like one. version upgraded from 3.x
  17. I think I found a missing index. This query is taking very long and is used to load a users profile page. SELECT DISTINCT index_item_index_id FROM `core_search_index` WHERE ( index_item_index_id IN(66076,66076,1381,66076,66076,66076,66076,66076,84087,66076,66076,84087,3960,3960,84100,83341,81824,83988,83951,51662,83990,82887,82887,84029,82887) ) AND index_author=250 It takes about 15 seconds to get any data. So I added a test index to the core_search_index including index_item_index_id and index_author. Improved the speed of the query to about 0-0.2 seconds. Is this index really missing? Or is it some other kind of problem?
  18. Welcome, I've just updated to version 4.1.8 of IPB. And when I created topic I found very bad thing for me ;/ In 3.4 when you mark graphic in editor and hit hiperlink then your photo was anchor of link.... now it's impossible with "insert other media" and hiperlink tool ;/ How to do it in rich text editor?
  19. hay all im wanting to know if its even possible to merge two ips4 sites running the latest version . if it is how in the heck do i do it ? thanks
  20. The Contact Us-form that is accessible using the link in the footer doesn't show the senders email address. When I receive an email from guests who are using the contact form the "sender" is my own admin email address. So I can never reply back as I don't know their email address. How can I fix this?
  21. The Start New Topic Popup doesnt extend across the whole screen in landscape mode. Im on the Samsung S6 Edge Plus with Android 5.0.1. In portrait mode it does extend across the whole sceen.
  22. It gives me the error: "There was a technical problem saving this theme." Someone please help, i've been trying to figure it out for quite awhile now <.<
  23. I have a forum set up on my blog using a wordpress plugin. I just began using Invision Power and would like to know how to import or migrate existing conversations to the new forum.
  24. Hi ! I'm writing this message to suggest a feature which doesn't existe at the moment: give members the ability to delete a post, ONLY IF this post is the last of a topic. When the post is part of the discussion (= an other member added an other post after this one), the first post is not longer deletable. Do you think this feature could be added in a latest version of IPS 4 ? Thank you !
  25. looking for the download or print button from 3.4 and am having no luck . is there a way to download a topic anymore ? running 4.1.7 atm lol
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