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Found 28 results

  1. I think it would be nice to be able to choose the number of threads per page each forum displays and also the number of posts each thread displays per page. Thank you
  2. File Name: Offline Pages by IPS Themes File Submitter: Tom Christian File Submitted: 12 Aug 2013 File Category: Maintenance Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x Offline Pages is a small hook that replaces the default 'Board Offline' page with a stylish and modern design that's fully responsive down to mobile devices. This hook is shipped with seven awesome background images selectable via the hook settings. Alternatively, you can follow the documentation included on how to add your own background images. Example Themes See attached screenshots. Features Seven awesome background images to choose from via the hook settings. Customisable offline message via the hook settings. Uses the traditional method of turning the board offline in the ACP to enable & disable itself. Detailed documentation included in the download package. here to download this file
  3. I have noticed, that the IP-Address is not shown in mobile devices/view. As the IP-Address for moderators is sometimes essentials, also when they can not access a desktop computer, I would recommend to make it visible on mobile devices.
  4. notification are not hightlight which are actually not checked or clicked.. in view all notification page its fine it shows bold text .. but it should be fixed here to to highlight unread notification so we can know which one we checked . sometimes there r so many and its hard to find which 1 we checked . here is the screenshot
  5. Hi guys, so I’ve been trying to like the new search Streams format; i can’t put my finger on it exactly but... i find it very annoying still, while it’s a nice classic and clean design; i find it very unsettling and confusing to view or track topics; i don't know if it’s that line across the left side connecting all topics that makes is confusing; or the lack of tags used to display quick info about topics, this new search format is just not working out for me; it’s very confusing and lacks basic intuitive queues, Anyone else finds this an issue for them? TIA Chris
  6. IPB I created custom activity streams under System → Streams: Then I created friendly URLs for them under System → Advanced Configuration → Friendly URLs: After that, I added new menu items under System → Menu Manager that point to created streams: The problem is friendly URLs are not used: Although they work. Please fix.
  7. File name: Similar Topics Submitter: Marcher Technologies Submitted: 11/15/2012 Category: User and Social Engagement Demo : http://www.marchertech.com/board/topic/339-classified-a-test/ Discussion URL : Supported Versions: 6 Support Info : Support Topic This Hook Adds a display of similar Topics in one of three positions while viewing a topic, under the first post of every page, in a depreciating js-powered flyout, or under the topic, with user-customization options. The flyout shows on the bottom right of the page when the end of the first post of the page has been reached or after, and hidden when the end of the first post of the page is below the viewport. As a result of an implementation detail, this modification also adds relevancy sort support for the forums application search. Features Include: • Sphinx Support. • User Preferences, including minimization, number of topics, forums to display similar topics in, and position. • Configure the default position and number of topics to show for members, and the same for guests and crawlers separately. • Configure what groups may not view/use similar topics. • Configure what groups may not customize the position, number, and forums displayed in of similar topics and thus are forced to use default. • Configure what forums may not display similar topics by default. • Configure "Stop Phrases" words, characters, and phrases to be stripped from the topic title used for searching for similar topics. • Configure the minimum length of a word in the topic title to be included in the search for similar topics. • Option to Override the main search setting to force searching for similar topics into SQL mode. • Option to show similar topics collapsed by default for users not having the cookie set. View File
  8. Hello. We have highly customized version of IPB 3.4.6. Many system features were rewritten to suit our needs. To the point where 3.4.6 is not any more desirable to convert to the version 4.x (or probably impossible). But we still want to update forums to 4.x, we know that our features will be lost. But we will rewrite them to be compatible with 4.x engine. We installed version 4.1.7 and we like it. Question: Is there some tool that can help us to migrate database from our live forums (which are on 3.4.6) to the new ones (which are on 4.1.7 version)?
  9. The Start New Topic Popup doesnt extend across the whole screen in landscape mode. Im on the Samsung S6 Edge Plus with Android 5.0.1. In portrait mode it does extend across the whole sceen.
  10. Hi ! I'm writing this message to suggest a feature which doesn't existe at the moment: give members the ability to delete a post, ONLY IF this post is the last of a topic. When the post is part of the discussion (= an other member added an other post after this one), the first post is not longer deletable. Do you think this feature could be added in a latest version of IPS 4 ? Thank you !
  11. Hello, The unread content is a nice option to have in the forum, but it would help a lot if there was a option to mark each post as read. Regards.
  12. Hi there, I believe I have discovered a bug where if you nest a category within a category and have special group viewing permissions, the title of the category is still visible to those that shouldn't see it. Example: I have a category called Test, and it's public to everyone to see. Then I have a category within 'Test' which has special group viewing permissions where only admins can see this category (meaning guests and members are excluded). In this scenario, as you browse the forums and you're looking at all the categories to view, you also see a "map" of what's in that category. It is here that the issue happens. A category that should not be viewable to anyone but admins has it's category title listed as a category in the 'Test' category for ALL to see (logged in to not). Once you CLICK on 'Test' then you will no longer see or get a hint of the existence of this private category. I'm hoping this isn't intentional, but if it is, I'd love to understand why. It worked wonderfully well in IPB 3. Thanks!
  13. No Restrictions for Display Names View File This is a super simple hook, which removes character restrictions for display names. It lets your members to use local language in display names and some weird characters to decorate them. Very useful if you have non-English board and set character restrictions to Latin letters and numbers only. For support contact us by email support@thekrotek.com. Please, do NOT ask for support or report issues in comments! Submitter The Krotek Submitted 07/17/2012 Category User and Social Engagement Supported Versions
  14. Just a quick suggestion but when customising forum icons, I find that conventional images just do not do the job. Is it possible to allow "SVG" files to be uploaded to this field, (And if not can it be made possible?): A SVG file will remain crispy looking no matter what resolution or screen size it is, hence why I am asking.
  15. I feel like that their should be two different options with this So that to post a new thread you can select how much, then to comment on a thread is a different amount.
  16. The system offers a RSS feed for each forum. Cool. But no global feed that shows global activity of the forums... I think it is a lack, an overall RSS feed is the best way to promote a website on other CMS like WP, Drupal and many more CMS that can syndicate contents. A RSS feed with "total activity" should be nice also A fully customizable RSS feed with parameters will be heaven
  17. Hi! Ipsuite, atm, can work - thanks to Pages - Like a blog manager (wordpress style). cause of it, can be useful to permit comment also For guest (Like many blog). but ipb, for guest, don't ask mail address (just name and spam check. so, guest cannot have a gravatar, and cannot subscribe (if glad to do). this can be done from default with WordPress and, imho, is a good way to work for every community suite whit article system like a blog. I hope ipb can add this in next release. edit: mail for guest can be useful also for spam checker!!! regards
  18. My idea is to add a feature to IPB that will allow an automatic topic expiration. This would be something configurable in the new forum settings. Ideally, I could create a new forum, and a field for "max topic age". When the topic age expired, typically by a cron job, it would be marked as hidden or expired. The user would be sent an email and they would have the option to renew the topic up to to X (configurable) amount of times. This feature would give some of us the capability to create posts that expire automatically and we can keep the forum clear of aging topics.
  19. View File Bump Up Topics This mod adds a button to bump a topic, useful to avoid useless replies with something like "bump". Features Coded as hook, disable it to disable the whole modification Each group has their own options: Enable/disable bump option Selectable in which forums can bump topics Bump only topics where they are the topic starter or all Limit the nuber of bumps per day Set a waiting time after the last bump Set a waiting time after the last topic post Secondary group permissions are properly checked Bump button is always hidden for guests and search engines Javascript timer in the disabled button to show how much time the members must wait The topic is already marked as read for the member that bumps it but not for the others! Submitter teraßyte Submitted 08/11/2011 Category User and Social Engagement Discussion URL http://community.invisionbyte.net/topic/6219-bump-up-topics/ Support Info Supported Versions
  20. I have 40+ bloggers feeding into a forum. Once in a while a blogger close his site - and then RSS feed gets an error and stops working. Errorpage look like this., The only way to find out what blog has stopped - is to check each and every one of them. Would it be possible to get some more information into this logs - or have I missed something?
  21. On the tail of "question" forums I think it would be quite nice that if you disable the "Best answer" feature as well as the "Vote for answers" feature but keep the "Vote for question" on that there should be a way to make this into a suggestion forum so people can up or down vote a suggestion. Even if it is changed to a "Question or suggestion" forum and as long as the Vote for answers and best answer are off then the question voting changes to suggestions. It's just a thought and would be a cool way to add a "plus 1" without forcing people to post meaningless +1's. <3
  22. Ideas for block settings add settings to view block on select app
  23. Google indexes and also doubles URL by adding completely unnecessary ?do=email so i advise you to turn off in ACP "share by email" You can also create robots.txt file and put in: User-agent: * Disallow: /admin/ Disallow: /*?do=email Disallow: /*&do=email Disallow: /*?do=email&comment= Disallow: /*&do=email&comment= Disallow: /*&do=findComment&comment= Disallow: /*?do=findComment&comment= Disallow: /*?do=reportComment&comment= Disallow: /*&do=reportComment&comment= Sitemap: http://urltoyoursite.com/sitemap.php
  24. First let me say I love the 4.x blocks! Now to make them even better, here's my feedback: Make Block titles linkable / clickable When selecting forums for the posts and topics feed blocks, it would be nice to be able to choose "this forum and everything below it" One of my forums has very many subforums, and I couldn't just click on the parent category to get eveyrthing under it - instead I had to select all 50+ subforums - was painstaking and I had to do it three times, once each for root, forum, post) :-( Would be awesome to be able to define additional "sidebars" in ACP, and then like for the forum "theme override" feature to be able to choose a "sidebar override" for each forum. For the topic feed It would be nice to be able to choose between the Avatar and Name of the topic starter, or last replyer, or none. it would also be nice to get an excerpt when you hover over the title For the post feed It would be nice to be able to define the max excerpt length Sincerely, Shawn
  25. File name: RealStats Submitter: Marcher Technologies Submitted: 08/06/2012 Category: User and Social Engagement Demo : http://www.marchertech.com/board/stats/ Discussion URL : Supported Versions: 2,6,14,17,21 Support Info : Support Topic This Is A Fully-Featured Statistics Application offering At-A-Glance Quick Statistics, In-Depth Statistics By Installed and Enabled Application with an extensible interface to add more applications, and A Clean Ajax-powered Frontend. Control who may view the aplication with groups configuration, including secondaries. The Ability to Cache the results sets processed but *not* the HTML is provided. Disable Plugins at whim. Mobile Skin Support. Control how many items are shown in all 'top' 'feeds' from the 'minimal' 1, to the fairly heavy(without caching) 25. Control Truncation of these statistic 'content' item lengths shown for the application(members blocks are not affected). Translate Tabs Separately from the Application Title, if desired. Translate the H1 tag of 'Tab' pages Separately, if desired. The Application Tab's Dynamic Updating of the title, h1 tag and breadcrumbs without page refresh will be honored in these cases At this time, Forums, Downloads, Content, Blogs, and Members Statistics Extensions are provided. Stats Include: Forums: Total Posts Total Replies Total Topics Average Posts Per Day Average Replies Per Day Average Topics Per Day Total Categories Total Boards Top Boards By Topics(Respects Permissions)* Top Boards By Replies(Respects Permissions)* Top Topics By Replies(Respects Permissions)* Top Topics By Views(Respects Permissions)* Top Topics By Rating(Respects Permissions)* Top Posters(Respects Permissions)* Members: Most Online Time Most Online Count Total Members Latest Member Average Registrations Per Day Downloads: Total Files Total Categories Total Downloads Average Files Per Day Average Downloads Per Day Latest Author Latest File Top Categories By Files(Respects Permissions)* Top Categories By Views(Respects Permissions)* Top Categories By Downloads(Respects Permissions)* Top Files By Views(Respects Permissions)* Top Files By Downloads(Respects Permissions)* Top Files By Rating(Respects Permissions)* Top Authors By Download(Respects Permissions)* Content: Counts of Database Categories and Records(Respects Permissions)* Top Databases By Submission(Respects Permissions)* Top Categories By Submission(Respects Permissions)* Top Submissions By Views(Respects Permissions)* Top Submissions By Comments(Respects Permissions)* Top Submissions By Rating(Respects Permissions)* Top Authors By Submissions(Respects Permissions)* Blogs: Total Blogs Total Entries Total Comments Average Blogs Per Day Average Entries Per Day Average Comments Per Day Latest Blogger Latest Blog Top Blogs By View(Respects Permissions)* Top Blogs By Comments(Respects Permissions)* Top Blogs By Rating(Respects Permissions)* Top Entries By View(Respects Permissions)* Top Entries By Comments(Respects Permissions)* Top Entries By Rating(Respects Permissions)* Top Bloggers By Entries Gallery 5.0.2+** Total Categories Total Albums Total Images Total Comments Total Views Total Gallery Size Average Albums Per Day Average Images Per Day Average Comments Per Day Average Views Per Day Average Space Used Per Day Top Categories By Albums(Respects Permissions)* Top Categories By Images(Respects Permissions)* Top Categories By Comments(Respects Permissions)* Top Albums By Images(Respects Permissions)* Top Albums By Comments(Respects Permissions)* Top Images By Views(Respects Permissions)* Top Images By Comments(Respects Permissions)* Top Images By Rating(Respects Permissions)* Top Uploaders **You may use this application with a lower Gallery version installed, due to a furl bug, this statistics extension only supports Gallery 5.0.2+ and thus the tab and plug-in file will be disabled on a lower version.* If you do not disable application caching, these will respect the permissions of the user to trigger the cache when pulling result sets for application tabs for the time specified in settings.This does not affect any custom checks or parsing done in templates, merely a minimal necessary data used in the templates from the generated results are stored to be passed back to the templates from cache. View File
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